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Selecting a Shipping Method

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Available shipping methods

You can select your preferred delivery method during the checkout flow. Different options will be available depending on the case:

  • Standard/Economy is a delivery service for mail that is too heavy for normal letter post. Delivery time for domestic standard parcel delivery normally takes between 2-5 days. 
  • Express Services are processed by the shipping company as a priority as it is time-sensitive: delivery is expedited. When delivery time is critical, we recommend opting for Express delivery.
  • Pallet shipping for large orders: To ensure quality of the delivered products for large orders and volumes, we will ship on pallets for orders weighing over 28kg. A loading bay, lifting platform or other forklift equipment is required for receiving the goods.  
  • Scheduled ordering is a delivery option that allows to book an order to be delivered up to 3 months ahead if there is a known event or venue for which the delivery is needed.


Note: Some shipping methods might not be available depending on the delivery destination and/or shipping rules defined by your account admin.

The estimated delivery date and the shipping cost will be visible next to each shipping method available.

Tip: User the currency convertor to see the prices in your local currency. 


Shipping with customs fees paid/unpaid

For orders that are not locally produce and require to cross borders we now offer the option for you to choose if you want to cover the customs fees directly or if you prefer for us to handle them on your behalf. The shipping price will reflect your selection.


Note: This is not available in all countries as it depends on local regulations and the agreement we have with the given provider.


General advice when choosing a shipping method

Please note that when you place an order you will be notified of an estimated delivery time. As clarified in our Terms & Conditions, Gelato will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that your products are delivered within the estimated timeframe, but shall not have any liability in that regard. We will notify you as soon as we become aware of circumstances that may cause substantial delay.
By choosing Express delivery, there is additional coverage from our side, also stated in our Terms & Conditions. If you have chosen tracked delivery, Gelato shall bear the risk of loss and damage to the products during transportation. If you have chosen non-tracked delivery (Economy), the order will be deemed delivered and title and risk of loss transferred to you upon Gelato's delivery of the products to any common carrier.


Important information

  • Less than ~7kg print material goes in a single shipment, else the order is shipped with split shipments
  • For orders with a weight above ~28kg pallet shipping will be available. You can decide to select shipment into separate parcels if preferred
  • For orders including with multiple products, the square products (flat and smaller size products such as Brochures, Flyers, Letterheads etc.) may be combined in a shipment but roll-ups and posters are always shipped separately. This is to avoid damage to the roll-ups or posters as they are larger in size and require different packaging for better protection
  • Rarely, products on a single order are printed by different Gelato print partners because of production limitations. In such cases, multiple shipments will be created.
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