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Order History

You can view your order history by selecting Orders from the left menu. In this section you can: 

  • View all orders placed by you (Admins can view all orders placed by all users)
  • View orders by filtering according to order type, country of delivery, product categories, order status, order date 
  • Download a report of your orders (CSV and XLS)
  • Download receipts from current and past orders
  • Manage reorders
  • Manage and review payment approvals (Rejected orders will be displayed with a status 'Cancelled')
  • See an overview of the Payment method used for each order (Credit Card, Invoice, Prepayment)
  • View business cards orders coming in from the simplified business cards flow


By clicking on an order, you will see the order detail page where you can see all the information for a specific order as well as additional actions available. From this page you can:

  • Check the status of the order
  • Check the order info (recipient, shipping address, payment method, billing entity, etc.)
  • View the order confirmation
  • Repeat order
  • View and share tracking information


Downloading a Report


The report contains information such as:

Order ID, File name, Order status, Order date, Ordering person, Recipient, Delivery country, Quantity, Total price, Payment method, Cost center, Project code, among other details!

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