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Changing or Cancelling an Order

Gelato sends your order to print at midnight (in the country of delivery). 

You can cancel or modify an order on the same day it is placed but before midnight in the destination country (that is based on location to which it is to be shipped).

Once an order is cancelled, we will refund your payment immediately; in the case you use an invoice payment method, we will not invoice that order.

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Amending Orders

Once an order has been placed, it is no longer possible to change the file or order quantity.

If you need to change the files or cancel one or more of the items on the order, you need to cancel the whole order before midnight in the country of delivery/production.

If you need to change the shipping address, you can read more here.

Important: Order can NOT be cancelled after the order status starts showing as 'Sent to production'

Cancelling an order 

On Gelato Globe account, clicking on Orders tab in the left menu displays order history list. All the orders you have placed (if you are an admin, all orders which all the account users have placed) are shown here. Click on the order row to see details in it. At midnight, orders are sent for production to the print house in Gelato network. To cancel the order, click the Cancel order button on the order details page.  Once an order is cancelled, you will receive a confirmation email.


Cancelling 'Simple Business Card Workflow' orders

For business card orders placed using the simplified business cards flow, users are not required to sign up, therefore they don't have an account. Consequently, they cannot cancel their own orders. In this case, only an account administrator can do the cancellation.





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