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Adding and Changing Billing Entities

One of the Account setup steps is to build up the billing structure in accordance with your contract. You can have one or several billing entities, it is highly important to populate the correct information about your legal entity, bank details and recipient contact details. The recipient is primarily the person, who is responsible for finance in your company and will control the payment process with Gelato. This person will receive all invoices on monthly basis. 

For each billing entity, you also can create the Cost Centers and Project Codes. The cost centers are used primarily by customers in case they have separate marketing budgets for business units/regions/countries. Project codes are relevant for your company if users have a budget per each project and want to control costs separately. With cost centers and project codes, you can easily identify and assign the invoice payment to the appropriate user group.

Adding a Billing Entity:  Regardless of Payment Method, it is mandatory to link at least one billing entity to your account. You can add billing information for the first order in the Checkout flow. For pre-populating the list of billing entities, select "Billing" from the menu on left side of the page, then click on "Billing Entities" and then click on "Add new".

When the users start an order, they will be presented only with relevant billing info in the checkout flow. They can then select a pre-saved billing entity from the list presented. Note: Depending on permissions, only selective team members can add a specific billing entity. This helps administrators control expenses and ensure that the correct billing information is used. For billing entities used for invoicing, please ensure that correct information required by your finance organization is included to avoid delays in order processing. For billing entities used for credit card orders, it is important that the information matches the billing information on record with the credit card company to avoid delays with order processing.

Important: Each new billing entity added in the system needs to be connected to a Group, otherwise users will not see it in the checkout flow. 

  • Go to Team > Groups
  • Find the group(s) for which this address is relevant
  • Search for it in the billing address field, add and save it.
  • After this users from that group(s) should see it.

Changing a Billing Entity: Selecting the same tab of billing entities from the menu options, in the list shown click on "Edit" against any billing entity and change the details in it.

Billing Entities and Invoices:  If your account is set to pay on invoice, the invoice will be emailed to the email address included in the Billing information (unless we have agreed an alternative invoicing process with your account owner). Please ensure that your billing entity information includes the full legal name of the paying business entity (e.g. Gelato AS, Gelato Inc.) and the contact details of the associated finance department to ensure the invoice is sent to  correct function of your company.


Important Notes:

  • For China billing offices, because of local government rules, it is mandatory to add bank details
  • For Brazil billing office entity, the Federal tax ID or a State tax ID is a mandatory field of information to be provided



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